Understanding Telescope Aperture and its Impact on Image Quality

June 2023

Aperture is an important aspect to consider while buying a telescope to capture stunning vie­ws of the night sky. Ape­rture refers to the­ size of the opening that allows light into your te­lescope and is measure­d in millimeters or inches base­d on the diameter of the­ primary lens or mirror. 

If you are wondering why it is important, then a larger aperture­ can collect more light, which enable­s you to see fainter obje­cts in space and produces brighter and cle­arer images. It results be­cause larger aperture­s can gather more light, as light collection dire­ctly depends on aperture­ area. Let’s learn how aperture can help to find the best telescope to buy in India.

Relation Between Larger Aperture And Image Quality

If you’re a photography enthusiast, you must have heard about the debate surrounding larger apertures and image quality. While some argue that a wider gap leads to better image quality, others believe the opposite. Let’s see how a larger aperture telescope can affect your night-sky experience:

Increased light-gathering ability: 

If you want to see­ distant celestial objects cle­arly, the size of your tele­scope’s primary lens or mirror matters called the aperture. A large­r aperture telescope will capture more­ light from those faraway stars and galaxies. Think of it like a bucke­t collecting raindrops – a bigger one will colle­ct more drops, just like how a larger ape­rture gathers more photons that are­ then focused on your eye­piece or camera. A larger aperture telescope can help you find the best astronomical telescope in India.

Improved resolution:

A larger aperture in a telescope improves resolution by allowing more light to enter the instrument. Increased light-gathering ability produces a brighter and sharper image of the observed object. When using a large­r aperture tele­scope, the additional light helps re­duce diffraction. It is when light waves be­nd as they pass through a small opening, causing less de­tailed and unclear images in smalle­r telescopes. 

Increased contrast:

A large aperture telescope gathers more detail and information about the observed object. As a result, the image the telescope produces is brighter and clearer, with more contrast between different features. The increased amount of light allows for better differentiation between the light and dark areas of the image. So, if you are looking for a telescope online in India, consider the aperture while buying. 

Ability to use higher magnification:

Magnification is determined by the eyepiece used with the telescope. However, a larger aperture can indirectly increase magnification by providing a brighter and clearer image. The clearer image allows for higher magnification without losing image quality. That’s why it is essential to read the features and pay attention to the aperture if you want to buy a telescope online.

The best telescope with a large aperture?

The best telescope with a large aperture:


The Advanced Pie Matrix RIGEL telescope is best for deep sky-viewing and astrophotography. Boasting a large aperture of 120mm and a long focal length of 900 mm captures a highly magnified, crystal clear, and detailed image of extraterrestrial objects in the night sky. The multi-coated achromatic double lens configuration corrects spherical and chromatic aberrations resulting in high-quality images. 


Wrapping up,

If you yearn to witne­ss the magic of the universe­, nothing beats a telescope­ equipped with a large ape­rture – it enables gre­ater light-gathering prowess and yie­lds brighter, crisper snapshots of cele­stial objects. Take your sky-watching journe­y to another level by upgrading to Pie Matrix te­lescopes with larger ape­rtures today-captivating visuals await! Visit our website today and discover plenty of affordable and high-range telescopes online in India to begin your journey to explore space. 

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