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The NEO50360 is an easy-to-handle refractor-style telescope. It offers pin-sharp views of stars and galaxies and, weighing just 1.5kg, can be easily moved around your viewing spot or taken on trips to dark-sky sites. It is a great choice for beginners, newcomers, and more experienced astronomers

Easy to setup with 360 degree rotating mount

Easy to carry or travel friendly

Best for beginners or novice astronomy learners

Economical or best entry level telescope for night sky observation

Designed for beginners, Neo 50360 Refractor telescope is ideal for sky gazing, land terrestrial observations and viewing stars in the night sky. It is extremely lightweight and comes with an easy no tool set-up system thus making it very children and travel-friendly (Compact travel Telescopes for sale). This Telescope incorporates fully coated optics that render a brighter view of the image. There are two eyepiece lenses that come along with this device. You can use the lens that suits your need in the best possible manner. A perfect gift for kids beginner telescope deals in India and the novice offers views of lunar craters, Jupiter’s moons and more. Upgrade your astronomical experience with a Telescope with GPS tracking for sale.

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Optical Design Refractor
  • Aperture 50 mm
  • Focal Length 360 mm
  • Prsim 90 degrees Diagonal
  • Tripod Aluminium
  • Tripod Colour Electroplated Black
  • Focal Ratio f/7.2
  • Resolution 2.3 Arc Second
  • Tube Material Metal
  • Colour Night Sky Blue
  • Minimum Magnification 18X
  • Maximum Mgnification 90X
  • Mount Altazimuth
  • Lens/Mirror Type Acromathic, Anti-reflective and Fully Coated
  • Eye Pieces H12.5mm and H20mm
  • Weight 1.5 kg
  • Finder Scope NA
  • Accessories 1.5X Erecting lens, Phone Adapter(Optional)

Box Contents Scope, Table Top tripod, Diagonal Prism
Erecting Eye Piece, Mangifying Eye Pieces, Telescope
Green Moon FIlter, Instruction Manual, Space Calendar,
Lens Cleaning Wipes

NEO 50360


  • It has a great resolution of 2.3 Arc sound, and the telescope’s focal length is 360mm, giving a focal ratio of f/7.2.
  • Included is a 90-degree diagonal prism erecting eyepiece and a sturdy tabletop tripod made of aluminum that can be simply placed on a tabletop for instant observation of the night sky.
  • The NEO50360 comes in a box with a soft carry case and this is the best telescope for beginners India, an 8x 21mm, two eyepieces, H12.5mm and H20mm, giving magnifications of 18x and 90x.
  • The NEO05360 is a refractor-style telescope. In combination with its relatively small aperture, it is better suited to look at the Moon and planets within our galaxy; more-distant galaxies will be out of reach.

With NEO50360, the sky is not the limit!

The NEO50360 is an easy-to-handle refractor-style telescope. It offers pin-sharp views of stars and galaxies and, weighing just 1.5kg, can be easily moved around your viewing spot or taken on trips to dark-sky sites. It is a great choice for beginners, newcomers, and more experienced astronomers; it’s less likely to get left in storage and remain unused.

It is easy to use, and it’s well-made. As a result, it’s a great choice for first-time stargazers and can also work as a grab-and-go scope for more experienced observers and budding astrophysicists.

NEO50360 is a multipurpose telescope that can be used for both sky and terrestrial viewing. It allows you to see distant space objects like the Moon and galactic objects, and also natural objects, including mountains and birds. 

The NEO50360 is a great model that gives you more telescopes for your money. It’s a telescope with cutting-edge technology and superb support for anyone trying their hand at sky gazing and terrestrial observation.

Good views of lunar craters, Jupiter’s Moon, and much more are possible through the 50 mm aperture and the breathtaking sights of our Moon’s rugged, chalky terrain. Playing with magnification can further offer delighting sights of the magnanimous world around.

Don’t let the world around you be a mystery anymore.

Lunar/Moon Craters: The NEO50360 refractor telescope holds a 50 mm aperture, which will gather an ‘ample’ quantity of light for observing the Moon. It provides good views of celestial wonders, particularly the Moon. The powerful optics offer good moon views and can easily pick out natural and galactical objects. Setup is easy with a 360-degree rotating mount. It is easy to carry or travel-friendly and best telescope for beginners India or novice astronomy learners.

Terrestrial Observation: The magnification lenses range from 18x to 90x, which is perfect for land viewing. The dynamic focusing system allows you to zoom in easily on a galactical object.

Sky Gazing: The NEO50360 is an easy-to-use, no-frills, classic-looking refractor telescope. A great choice of telescope for those wanting to learn their way around the night sky hassle-free. The NEO50360 offers easy and simple alignment. Aligning your instrument is important before you begin your observations, as it reveals your orientation relative to the night sky. With this information, the NEO05360 can slew to your desired target conveniently.

Bird Watching: Designed to offer a sturdy design and bright images, the NEO5360 is ideal for any conditions. The NEO50360 is compact and suited for various uses, including bird watching. This is a superb option for those who wish to have a value-priced beginner’s bird scope. It comes with a scope, a carrying case, and a tripod mount that rotates for the best orientation of the eyepiece.

Inspire the inner explorer in you; reach out to us.

Equipped with everything a beginner needs for great night sky tours and terrestrial observations, the NEO50360 doesn’t require you to know anything about the night sky to enjoy it, but it does serve as an educational tool for you to learn.

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Lunar/Moon Craters
Taken from NEO
Sky Gazing
Bird Watching
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  1. RS

    nice product.

  2. PS

    good for moon and saturn, bag quality is good, tripod can be improved, sturdy mount, overall good product. 5 star.

  3. MG

    excellent telescope within my budget. I gifted this to my little brother and he was really happy to see moon pictures clearly.

  4. DR

    Very much suitable for kids under 12 years, good packing and good quality product .

  5. MB

    Cool telescope! Not expensive, shows stars well. Box was good, no problems. Easy to put together, good for beginners. Overall its a nice experience.

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