Helix Reflector Telescope


- Easy to setup and use with adjustable tripod - Long optical tube is ideal for day spotting Focal Ratio: f/5 - You can observe deep sky objects like Andromeda galaxy with an entry level price. - Best entry level telescope for Celestial observation and bright deep sky observations

Easy to setup and use with adjustable tripod

Long optical tube is ideal for day spotting

You can observe deep sky objects like Andromeda galaxy with an entry level price.

Best entry level telescope for Celestial observation and bright deep sky observations

Designed to observe and track near and deep-sky objects with a fast focal ratio for astrophotography/imaging, the Pie Matrix Helix 130mm f/5 Reflector Telescope features a 650mm focal length and an oversized parabolic mirror that produce detailed images of the Moon, clear views of the planets, and the ability to resolve distant objects such as
nebulae and galaxies.

Technical Specifications

  • Aperture: 130 mm
  • Focal Length: 650 mm
  • Tripod: Adjustable Heavy Duty Steel Tripod
  • Tripod Colour: Stainless Chrome
  • Focal Ratio: f/5
  • Resolution: 1.07 Arc Second
  • Tube Material: Metal
  • Maximum Magnification: 325X (with barlow)
  • Mount: Smooth Manual Equatorial Mount
  • Lens/Mirror Type: Highly reflective aluminum/SiO2 coated mirror
  • Eye Pieces: K25mm, K10mm, K6mm
  • Finder Scope: Optical Finderscope 5×24
  • Accessories: 20mm Erecting lens, 3X Barlow, Phone Adapter

Box Content:
Scope, Full Size Aluminium tripod, Green Moon Filter, Barlow Lens, Eye Pieces, Accessory Tray, Telescope, Finder Scope, Adjustable full length tripod, Erecting Eyepiece, Instruction Manual, Space Calendar, Lens Cleaning wipes

The Helix is both one of the most elusive and one of the most visible bright planets. Although it is visible through binoculars, it is not visible through large telescopes. These claims may appear contradictory, but the nebula’s dim surface brightness can account for them. If the light from the Helix were concentrated in one location, it would have the brightness of a star with a magnitude of 7.3. 

With only half the angular diameter of the Moon, however, this light is dispersed over a fairly large area of the sky. Low powers will help to concentrate the nebula’s light, and wide fields will show a lot of surrounding dark sky for contrast.

Its smooth and precise manual equatorial mount is capable of working in both the Northern and Southern
hemispheres. It has variable speed to track fast-moving objects accurately. For alignment and easy navigation, dual slow-motion control cables are provided; and clearly visible indicators on the Right Ascension and Declination axes.

About Helix 

The Helix Nebula is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful celestial objects. It was named after how it appears in photographs, resembling two spring coils from below. 

Long-exposure photographs show nebulous fingers pointing inward from the ring towards the central star. The Hubble Space Telescope captured stunning close-ups of these radial filaments, each with a comet-like head and a gossamer tail.

The Helix Nebula in Aquarius, also known as NGC 7293 and Caldwell 63, is one of the closest and brightest members of the planetary nebulae group of objects.  

Telescope for Helix

Amateur astronomers can photograph the Helix Nebula with low-cost Helix telescope equipment. For example, the view of the Helix can be captured using a small refractor mounted on an equatorial telescope.

When photographing the Helix Nebula, you may find using narrowband filters that isolate specific gasses helpful. An Optolong L-eXtreme dual bandpass filter was used to collect signals in the h-alpha and OIII wavelengths for the image.

You can capture 20 x 5-minute images with a one-shot color camera and stack the data with DeepSkyStacker. Dark and flat frames can calibrate the image so that you can process the data naturally in Adobe Photoshop.

You may separate the image into its color channels and process each separately. The red channel typically contains the most signal when capturing hydrogen gas targets.

Why are reflecting telescopes used to view Helix?

Reflectors are usually the best choice for almost any visual application because they have larger apertures at comparable prices. 

  • They can also be great for deep sky astrophotography, but experts don’t recommend them for beginners because they require a lot of upkeep and careful setup.
  • Even though refracting telescopes have been used for centuries, all professional optical telescopes are reflectors. 
  • This is because there is no chromatic aberration when viewing the night sky through a reflecting telescope, and only one mirror needs to be accurate. 
  • The parabolic mirror can be used to reduce spherical aberrations in the case of a large mirror.

Features of the Helix telescope

As you know, telescopes are used to get the best view of the Helix. Let’s now discuss the features of the Helix Telescope. 

Educational and entertaining features:

The Helix collection of telescopes for astronomy for beginners is exactly what you need, whether you’re an astronomy enthusiast who enjoys exploring space, planets, stars, and satellites, or you want to get your children interested in the amazing world of stargazing!

Helix Semi-Pro model:

The Helix monocular telescope has a powerful 450x magnification feature and a focal length of 900mm x 80mm. It is intended for semi-professionals and professionals in the field of astronomy. The equatorial mount with three degrees of freedom also includes a fitted balance gauge and rustproof counterweights.

Accessories included:

The Helix adult telescopes include everything you’ll need for a fun night of stargazing. For added portability, a solar filter, a handy telescope phone mount, moon filters, a Bluetooth remote control, and chic, svelte carry bags are included.

Wrapping up – Helix telescopes:

Pie Matrix is one of the market’s most innovative and forward-thinking businesses. Over the years, we have developed several innovations that have made amateur astronomy easier and more enjoyable. We are well known for our creative Helix telescopic designs. 

Our group will support you in using your Helix telescope for observational astronomy. It will work with other academic or scientific organizations to promote and advance the study of astronomy as both an art and a science.

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  1. S

    Bought it for my daughter, quality is good, support from the team is really appreciated. just want to add few things that team should add a travel case with this telescope too. thanks

  2. DM

    Mirrors is good but slow motion cable is poor conditions and part missing result very good but not price value this quality.

  3. YD

    A must buy telescope at very worth it price point. easy setup and sturdy mount also a very professional one.

  4. NH

    The clarity and sharpness of the images it delivers are beyond my expectations. As a novice astronomer, I feel like a pro with this telescope in my hands. Thank you, Pie Matrix team and demo support for making my stargazing experience so nice.

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