SWIFT S8 (8×42)

5,000.00 Includes GST

Swift S8 8x42, is a comfortable, lightweight and stylish black binocular. In addition to optical performance features, the Swift S8 presents a number of convenience and construction highlights.

Sparrow (7×50)

4,000.00 Includes GST

Sparrow 7x50 from Pie Matrix is one of the best entry-level astronomical binocular will provide you with clear views of the moon, meteor showers or just casual star-gazing.


5,000.00 Includes GST

Hawk 10x50, is a very powerful and feature loaded telescope, great for deep sky observations and HD astrophotography. It is equipped with red dot viewfinder for easy navigation in night sky.

Falcon F15(15×70)

7,000.00 Includes GST

Falcon F15 15x70, is a very powerful and feature loaded Binocular idealistic for deep sky observation. Because of it’s weight It should be equipped with our tripod for best experience.

User-friendly, sleek, portable: Binoculars are all three. Binoculars are perfect for all your adventures, be it hiking, star gazing, or bird watching. Widely known for their portability and efficiency, these devices can improve your space experiences as their lenses offer close-up details and bring natural aesthetics to life. Buy Binoculars Online India at the lowest price form us.

Buy Binoculars Online in India

At the Pie Matrix, we cater to our customers' science and adventure equipment needs. We offer a spectacular range of binoculars with multi-coated lenses, which come with handy and easy-to-use designs to cater to your astronomy needs. Check out our top binoculars online India at the best price.

SWIFT S8 (8×42)

At Pie Matrix, we offer you one of the best ranges of binoculars. Swift S8 is perfect if you're a travel enthusiast, a bird watcher, or have a keen eye for astronomical events.


Design: These binoculars are lightweight, small, and waterproof, making them perfect for adventure activities.

Optics: To improve image brightness, these fully multi-coated optics help you stargaze in high-definition!

Performance: Optimal performance features like broad field vision, center focusing adjustment, etc.

It presents several conveniences and construction highlights.

Sparrow (7×50)

This binocular has one of the best lens coatings, ensuring pictures with better contrast and brightness.


These are entry-level binoculars, perfect for newbies or basic endeavors.

Optics: Its anti-reflective multi-layer lens gives a clearer view of the moon or astronomical events like meteor showers.

Hawk (10×50)

This is one of our compact and lightweight models of binoculars. It is best suited for capturing celestial events as its features ensure clarity even at night.


Hawk binoculars are powerful and feature-loaded.

Optics: Its Multi-layer lens offers close-up details and wider angles.

Suitability: These are equipped with a red dot viewfinder for easy navigation in the night sky

Falcon F15 (15x70)       

Make our Falcon F15 your travel partner, as its impeccable design and portability can help you carry it for prolonged periods without feeling exhausted.

Design: It is lightweight and user-friendly.

These should be equipped with a tripod for the best experience

Suitability: These are ideal for deep-sky observations.

Binoculars can be perfect for experiencing cosmic events in clearer detail, not to mention that these are highly portable devices well suited for all sorts of adventures. Pie Matrix offers you the best range of binoculars with the most powerful features. For inquiries related to price and specification, you can contact our highly dedicated staff and get one step closer to seeing space like never before. We are provided various types of Binoculars Online India.

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