PHOENIX Refractor Telescope


Phoenix 60700 is a refractor telescope perfect for terrestrial and celestial viewing on the go. Phoenix can view the planets, moon, star clusters and brighter deep sky objects like the Orion Nebula and Andromeda Galaxy at night. The diagonal makes the optical tube ideal for using as a spotting scope during the day. Even Setting up this telescope is a breeze, so you can begin observing in no time. Even on your first time out, you can assemble the telescope and its accessories in just a few minutes. The adjustable tripod legs allow you to customize the telescope’s height or place it on raised surfaces.

Neo Refractor Telescope


The NEO50360 is an easy-to-handle refractor-style telescope. It offers pin-sharp views of stars and galaxies and, weighing just 1.5kg, can be easily moved around your viewing spot or taken on trips to dark-sky sites. It is a great choice for beginners, newcomers, and more experienced astronomers

Rigel Refractor Telescope


The Advanced Pie Matrix Rigel Telescope is ideal for long duration lunar, planetary, and deep-sky viewing and astrophotography. It boasts a large aperture and long focal length that produces tremendous magnification, facilitating detailed observations of your favourite extraterrestrial objects in the night sky

Your Guide to Buying The Best Refractor Telescope

Are you someone who loves the night sky and wonders what mysteries remain hidden outside our planet? Why not get yourself a new telescope? Experts understand that purchasing your first universe spyglass can be challenging.

To confuse matters, you may find different telescope styles and types in the market that may make your purchase a daunting task. Refractor telescopes are a variety you may find in markets in India, and here is our beginner guide to help you understand more about them.

Refractor telescope - What is it?

A refractor telescope is a device that uses lenses to gather and focus light. It consists of a long, narrow tube that contains an objective lens at the front end and an eyepiece at the back end. When light enters the objective lens, it is refracted, bent, and focused on an image at the focal point, which consists of the eyepiece.

Refractor telescopes in India are known for their sharp, clear images and are particularly well-suited for observing planets, stars, and other celestial objects.

What is the use of a refractor telescope?

The best refractor telescopes are used for astronomical observation and are well-suited for viewing planets, stars, and other celestial objects. They get designed to gather and focus light through lens uses, which allows astronomers to see everything in space in greater detail.

The best refractor telescope in India assists users in observing bright objects such as the Moon, planets like Jupiter and Saturn, and double stars. It is also for terrestrial viewings, such as birdwatching, due to the high-quality optics and ease of use.

Refractor telescope, India - Your ultimate guide

The Pie Matrix provides the best refractor telescope price in India. We deal with three different types of telescopes mentioned below. Here is a detailed look at the refractor telescopes in India and their respective features and specifications.


Are you looking for an affordable entry-level telescope that can help you explore the wonders of the night sky? Look no further than the Phoenix 60700 refractor telescope.

With its adjustable tripod, setting up the Phoenix telescope is quick and easy, allowing you to start observing the solar system in just a few minutes. Its long optical tube is ideal for day spots, while its 175X magnification provides clear, brilliant images of the Moon, planets, star clusters, and more.

While the Phoenix telescope is not just for observing nearby celestial objects, its panhandle and resolution of 2.31 Arc Second allow you to explore deep sky objects like the Andromeda galaxy, providing breathtaking celestial and terrestrial views.

The Alt-Az clutch control helps you precisely and fluidly aim the telescope to track anything in the eyepiece. The Phoenix telescope also comes with several accessories to enhance your stargazing experience.

The three eyepieces (H20mm, H12.5mm, and SR4mm) allow you to adjust the magnification, while the smartphone adapter lets you take pictures of astronomical or terrestrial phenomena easily. The adapter has a lightweight and robust chassis to connect any smartphone to any telescope eyepiece.

The adjustable tripod stand allows you to explore a new world by adjusting the height on higher surfaces, while the long-focus camera lenses provide precise stargazing adventures. Whether you are an astronomer or looking to explore the night sky through a reflector telescope in India, the Phoenix telescope is the perfect choice for astronomical and terrestrial observation.

From studying the Moon craters and experiencing the beauty of the lunar landscape to witnessing thousands of stars, planets, and galaxies with the push of a button, the Phoenix telescope makes studying astronomy easy and accessible.

With the ability to investigate the mystic presence of magnificent Jupiter moons, you can travel beyond infinity from the comfort of your balcony.


The NEO50360 telescope is an excellent choice for beginners looking to explore the night sky and the world around them. With a resolution of 2.3 Arc sound and a focal length of 360mm, this refractor-style telescope offers pin-sharp views of stars and galaxies, making it ideal for observing the Moon and planets within our galaxy.

The telescope comes with a sturdy tabletop tripod made of aluminum, a 90-degree diagonal prism erecting eyepiece, and two eyepieces (8x 21mm, H12.5mm, and H20mm) that give magnifications of 18x and 90x. It also comes in a box with a soft carry case, making it easy to transport and set up wherever you go.

One of the standout features of the NEO50360 is its versatility, along with this refractor telescope's price in India. It can be used for the sky and terrestrial viewing, allowing you to see distant space objects and natural objects like mountains and birds.

The magnification lenses range from 18x to 90x, making them perfect for land viewing. It is also easy to use and set up, making it an excellent choice for first-time stargazers and a grab-and-go scope for more experienced observers and budding astrophysicists.

The NEO50360 gets designed to offer a sturdy design and bright images, making it ideal for any conditions. It is compact and suited for various uses, including bird watching. With its powerful optics and easy-to-use features, this telescope is an excellent value for anyone wanting to explore the night sky and the world around them.

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced astronomer, the NEO50360 is a convenient choice for anyone looking to learn their way around the night sky hassle-free. It offers simple alignment, and the 360-degree rotating mount makes it easier to focus on your desired targets.


The Advanced Pie Matrix Regal Telescope is the perfect instrument for stargazers to indulge in prolonged lunar, planetary, and sky observations and astrophotography. With a long aperture and focal length, this telescope can have exceptional magnification, allowing you to delve deeper into the cosmos and capture detailed images of your favorite celestial objects.

This best refractor telescope comes with a fully multi-coated achromatic double lens configuration that effectively corrects for spherical and chromatic aberrations.

As a result, you can enjoy clear and bright images with relevant color rendition without any distortion across the entire field of view.

Whether you are observing planets or exploring galaxies, the Advanced Pie Matrix Regal Telescope delivers unparalleled optical performance that exceeds your expectations.

Why Pie Matrix?

Pie Matrix is an innovative company known for its convenient and groundbreaking device designs that assist in amateur astronomy. We deal with several telescope types and supply them at affordable prices to help educate the public on astronomical issues. So, if you are among those budding astronomers, grab the best refractor telescope price in India now!


1. What is a refractor telescope?

The best refractor telescopes use lenses to bend and focus light to produce an image. The best telescopes should have these features:

- Adjustable tripod for easy setup and use

- Optical tube for day spotting purposes

- Affordable prices to explore deep-sky objects

- Ideal entry-level refractor telescopes in India

2. Do refractor telescopes need collimation?

Refractor telescopes typically do not require collimation because the lenses get fixed in place.

3. How to build a refractor telescope?

To build the best refractor telescope, you need lenses, a tube, a focuser, and a mount. There are various DIY guides and kits available online.

4. How to make a powerful refractor telescope?

To make a powerful refractor telescope, you need high-quality lenses with a larger diameter and longer focal length. However, this can become expensive.

5. How to use a refractor telescope?

To use a refractor telescope, point it at the desired object, adjust the focus with the focuser, and use the eyepiece to observe the magnified image.

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