How to Buy a Telescope Online in India

January 2023

Telescopes are one of the critical central instruments of the Industrial Revolution and the portal to the universe. When you make the right purchase, it will foster the lifetime love of the astronomical journey. However, buy Telescope in India online could be a bit overwhelming, considering the numerous market modes with unique features and specifications. We are provided best telescope to buy in India.

Whether you are a novice backyard newbie astronomer or a seasoned sky gazer, Pie matrix will be your treasure trove of telescopes, designed to meet every astronomical need and objective. Read on to arm yourself with a basic understanding of the process before buying your first telescope.

Guide to Buy Telescope in India

Are you looking to buy telescope in India but unsure where to begin? Even though you can get them offline, it will limit your options in variety and affordable cost. Hence, the best way is to through online. At Pie Matrix, we help you to compare various telescopes and make the right decision as per your convenience and lifestyle.  

Here we have curated a simple guide to help you out by purchasing the best telescope to buy in India online

Decide between visual observing and imaging

The telescope is used to observe planets of the solar system visually, and the telescope is used to take images of sky objects like galaxies and nebulae that are different from each other. Certain scopes are only designed for visual analysis, while others are only for deep-sky imaging.

Be its specifications or features and even cost; they are highly different. An imaging telescope is a bit expensive and challenging to learn as it is used in astrophotography. For instance, if you are a beginner and want to buy telescope in India, opting for a visual telescope online to view easy targets like Saturn is better.

Set the budget

Deciding on a budget for the best telescope to buy in India, will make your online purchasing process easier by narrowing down your options. It will also guide you in analyzing the specifications of the products thoroughly to ensure they hold the best value for money. If you are making your first purchase and want to buy telescope in India, go for an easy-to-use or beginner-level product to master your knowledge in stargazing before upgrading. 

Choose the type of telescope you want

If you are aspiring to stargaze, you need to know the difference between a refractor and a reflector. Refractors have the lens to focus on the images on the eyepiece, while reflector telescopes have mirrors to focus on the image. Cassegrain or Catadioptric is another type of telescope with a combination of lens and mirror to focus on the image.

According to experts, the ideal option for beginners is to choose a reflective telescope easily transportable to various remote locations. For instance, you can go either for an 80 or 90-mm refractor or a 6 or 8-inch refractor.

Look for the classified ads

Once you are armed with the idea of getting a telescope, it’s time to begin your search online. Occasionally, you might come across various telescope ads. However, as a knowledgeable and trusted seller, Phoenix, Neo, Pegasus, and Griffin from Pie Matrix are our top products, geared for the novice astronomer.

From altazimuth to equatorial mounting options, you can keep it simple and take on the visual tour of the universe while moving to the Astro-imaging activities with the next scope. 


Wrapping up! – Find the Best Telescope to buy in India at The Pie Matrix

Are you planning to buy Telescope online in India, and get your very first telescope? At Pie matrix, we have an impeccable collection of the best telescope to buy in India with different varieties of lenses, mounts, and tripods. Our telescope products are well-known for their sleek design and trustworthy features, making them suit best for both terrestrial and celestial viewing. Start your astronomy adventure with clear skies and our contemporary collection, gazing at the spectacular view of stars, moons, and planets with excitement!

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