How to purchase the best telescopes on a budget in 2024?

January 2023

Observing celestial objects from the comfort of your backyard is a dream for many budding astronomers. Telescopes are a great aid for people who want to explore their passion for astronomy, where they can get a spectacular view of earth’s atmosphere and linger gaze on space bodies. However, purchasing the perfect telescope could be daunting when you don’t have professional help. Let’s know together how to buy best telescope in budget.

When it comes to the best telescope, there is no need to spend a lot to unlock the dormant beauty of the night sky. However, plenty of reputable brands out there make the best telescope under 10000, ensuring they are available at an affordable price.

Tips for Buying the best Telescope in Budget

With a little forethought, we can shop for a smarter and more inexpensive telescope to experience the celestial objects in the sky. Here are a few effective tips for entering the cost-effective telescope world.

Pick the one you use the most

In most situations, especially for beginners, there is no need to go for the largest telescopes. In addition, Larger telescopes require frequent maintenance and adequate training to use. Therefore ensure to get the budget telescope of your preferred size. With such options, you don’t have to compromise on the quality and functionality of the equipment. 

Plan the budget

Telescopes can be brought either as individual equipment or as a complete kit. At the bare level, it is possible to get the best telescope under 6000 with accessories like a tripod, mount and eyepiece. However, you should plan the budget accordingly if you want additional objects like portable battery packs, filters and adapters.

Opt for established bands

 Inexpensive telescopes are manufactured in the market, but they are not designed with the same excellent features. Therefore it is important to opt for reputable and established brands to get excellent budget telescopes at reasonable prices. 

Stick with the Barlow lens

Most entry-level professional telescopes are manufactured with a pair of eyepieces, with typical levels of 25mm and 9mm. Picking up the addition of an affordable Barlow lens will allow you to double the effective focal length when it is placed in front of the eyepiece. For instance, a 25mm eyepiece operates like a 12.5mm eyepiece, where you can achieve twice the level of Magnification as well as the value.  

Best Telescopes for beginners under budget in 2023

If you are entering the stargazing arena and looking for the best telescope for beginners India under 10k for engineering, you have landed in the right place. Here, we have compiled the list of the best budget telescopes to buy in 2023.

1. NEO 50360

NEO 50360 is one of our perfect entry-level professional telescopes in the galaxy, which is affordable and high quality. Due to cutting-edge technology, this great multipurpose model is used for terrestrial and sky viewing.

NEO 50360

The powerful optics of the telescope, along with its 360-degree rotating mount, make it a travel-friendly option for novice astronomy learners. It has simple alignment and even allows you to see distant space objects, including the moon and galactic elements, along with natural objects, such as birds and mountains.


  • Aperture – 50mm
  • Focal length – 360 mm
  • Tripod – Aluminium Tripod colour electroplated black
  • Focal ratio- f/7.2
  • Resolution – 23 Arc second
  • Maximum magnification – 90x
  • Eyepieces – H12.5mm and H20mm
  • Lens/Mirror type – Acromathic, Anti-reflective and fully coated

2. Phoenix 60700

Phoenix 60700 is one of the best refractor types of the beginner-level telescope to explore deep sky objects such as Andromeda galaxy at a cost-effective price tag. It is suited for terrestrial observation in the daytime as a spotting scope and celestial exploration at night.

Phoenix 60700

With a fork mount and adjustable tripod, the telescope is easy to set up, and the focal ratio of the lens allows you to indulge in the beautiful essence of lunar and earthly landscapes. The magnification lens will give you brilliant and precise images of the space objects.


  • Aperture – 60 mm
  • Focal length – 700 mm
  • Tripod – Adjustable aluminium with electroplated black colour
  • Focal ratio – f/11.6
  • Maximum magnification – 175x
  • Eyepieces – H20mm, H12.5mm, SR4mm
  • Lens/Mirror type – Achromatic, Anti-reflective, and fully coated

3. Pegasus 76700

Pegasus 76700 is one of the suitable telescopes for 360-degree level stargazing, known for its perfect size and weight for excellent astronomy observation. The metal U-shaped mount in the telescope kit delivers a sturdy and reliable foundation for deep-sky observation and astrophotography.

Pegasus 76700

The focal length of the equipment boasts the ability to view the precise picture of Saturn’s rings and even the moons of Jupiter. The metal and aluminium combination makes the telescope durable and flexible to withstand heavy use for longer.


  • Aperture – 76 mm
  • Focal length – 700 nm
  • Tripod – Adjustable aluminium with powder-coated black colour
  • Focal ratio – f/9.2
  • Resolution – 1.52 Arc second
  • Maximum Magnification – 235X (with Barlow lens)
  • Eyepieces – H20mm, F12mm, H6mm
  • Lens/mirror type – Highly reflective aluminium/SiO2 coated mirror

4. Griffin 1141000

Griffin is another greatest looking, persuasive and featured-filled telescope, suitable for those who love to experience deep sky observations with HD astrophotography. The telescope is equipped with a red dot viewfinder, enabling easy navigation throughout celestial space. 

Griffin 1141100 

Besides the no-tool setup equips, the telescope offers distinct pictures of stars, the moon, plants, and more in the deep dark sky above. It also offers spectacular star-locating technology to deliver impressively detailed exploration possible.


  • Aperture – 114 mm
  • Focal length – 1000 mm
  • Tripod – Adjustable heavy-duty steel tripod
  • Focal ratio – f/8.7
  • Resolution – 1.22 Arc second
  • Maximum magnification – 210X
  • Eyepieces – K25mm, K10mm, K6mm
  • Lens/Mirror type – Highly reflective aluminium/SiO2 coated mirror

Wrapping Up

No ‘best’ telescope exists; the right one fits your needs and interests. At Pie Matrix, we have a wide selection of beginner telescopes under Rs. 10,000, allowing you to reach for the stars without breaking the bank. If you are an admirer of the night sky and love to get a clear view of stars for hours, then it’s time to compare our products and get the one for you.

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